Ovos de Páscoa.
Que delícia de consumo, com recheios, surpresas,... preços salgados num item tão doce... que pena...
2 comentários

2 comentários

  1. Hello Ana.

    I'm confident now, I change my mind. My blog is changing, and now, in my Blog I'm Talking about the life, the beautiful moments, the worst moments, the reviews, etc. You "helped" me. Thanks. I Love soccer, but I felt It isn't for talking about, you know. It's difficult to have a blog.

    P.S:. How is my english? I'm trying to impruve, but It's very difficult. But I Study evereyday. ;)

  2. Hi, Luis.
    Nice hearing from you!
    Your English is good, you're only in Book 4, you know... you still have a lot to learn, but considering... so you changed your style? Not only soccer? Well, go on talking about soccer, because you love it and talk about other things too. I sometimes feel like writing, when I'm inspired, but it hasn't been happening very often lately. Let's wait and see when it will strike back.
    Nice writing to you. Let's keep in touch.


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